The 5-Step “Profits On Demand” System To Start Making Sales Online In Under 30 Days…

Without A Marketing Degree, Past Experience, Or Spending Thousands Up-Front On Products!

June 15th - 4PM PDT / 7 PM EDT

What you'll learn

What you'll learn

PERFECt storm

The “perfect storm” that’s happening right now - and how to take advantage of it

What really sells

The #1 thing to focus on to find a winning product that sells and sells and sells

Dodge the "diy business" ?

The model we’ve used to build up 6, 7, and 8-figure online businesses from scratch time and time again

biggest success blockers

4 huge myths that block 99% of people from finding success

ReaL Success of stories

Case studies of everyday people who achieved their BIG WHY

Is this one of the best ways to potentially build an online income?

I think so… as do many of the thousands who’ve used this to “shortcut” their way to selling online.

Hi, I’m Jim Crimella, and I’ve worked with the team here at ShineOn to develop a system that can help almost anyone to launch their own online business that’s making sales and generating revenue.

This simple system has given so many folks the freedom to live how they want, go where they want, and do what they want. And almost all of them were complete eComm “newbies” when they started.

The best part is that this Online Business Blueprint costs next to nothing to set up… and can often be done in 30 days or less!

Plus to get started, you don’t need:

  • A ready-made audience
  • Existing products to sell
  • To hunt down web traffic or try to get on Google
  • ​To get on the phone to sell
  • ​Special skills or past experience

And it’s so easy and takes so little time that many who follow this system do it in their spare time!

I know you might have a lot going on, but if you can free up 30-45 mins several times a week, have a computer and an Internet connection, then join me on this free workshop. I’ll show you step-by-step how hundreds of people have gone from an eComm “newbie” to an eComm expert who knows how to build online income. Note - this workshop is 100% FREE! So just hit the button below and save your spot now. Look forward to seeing you in there!

- Jim  Crimella

JUNE 15th - 4PM PDT / 7 PM EDT


Jim  Crimella

VP Of Marketing

Jim Crimella is a lifelong entrepreneur and marketer who specializes in building ecommerce brands and to help others do the same. Having personally created 6 brands that hit 7 figures (and 1 that's climbed to 8 figures), he's seen total sales top $35 million. He was a trailblazer for the Print-On-Demand T-shirt business back in 2013 and today is an experienced eCom veteran. Jim lives in Tampa, Florida, and loves spending time with family and friends when not neck-deep in online stores.

Michael  Crist

President at ShineOn

Michael Crist is a multi-year top seller at ShineOn. He turned heads in 2019 with a $92,000 day, and soon after joined the team. Since then, he's gone on to become the President at ShineOn but takes a personal interest in training and supporting other top sellers. Michael also hosts a weekly digital marketing show on YouTube and Facebook, and has helped build the ShineOn Profits-On-Demand Facebook Group into the most engaged eCommerce Facebook Group in the world.

eComm Entrepreneurs Having Massive Results

June 15th - 4PM PDT / 7 PM EDT

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